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When it comes to your business, KaneDesigns can offer you bespoke designs to suit your brand. Contact us today for a free Quote. We will provide you with an in depth quote, as long as we have all the information we need from you. Please send us a short Brief of what you are looking for, and KaneDesigns will get back to you with your free quote.


Bathurst Business Listings

Looking to add your Bathurst Business to our Listings?  From a banner advertisement to a business page, we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from. 

Adding your listing has never been easier: Step one | Click the link to join the Bathurst Business Listing Community. Step two | Select the Free Business Listing or Business Listing Page. Step three | Fill in our online form. Step four | KaneDesigns will get back to you about your new business listing via email. 

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“KaneDesigns is professional; articulate and listens to his clients needs. An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Louise Ferguson

Bathurst Agricultural Show Poster & Banner, Bathurst Showgrounds

“I have been extremely satisfied with KaneDesigns graphics, creativity, quick responses, high density ads. KaneDesigns is very helpful and exceptionally professional. Have recommended them to many. I hope they give Kane Designs a call. They will definitely be happy they did. Thank You Kane Designs for all you have done for ManeTamers and all that you are.”

Debbie VictoriaLudwig Gibson

Ongoing, ManeTamers Hair Studio

“Kane designed my latest cd cover/insert. A fantastic job well done!”

Paul Hone

CD Cover

“The work is very unique and eye catching! Absolutely stunning work and service.”

Tamlin Bowen

CV Update